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Born in 2366, Alexander is the son of Worf and the late Federation Ambassador K'Ehleyr. Although Alexander spent his infancy with his mother, following her death he. Überblick über die wiederkehrenden Rollen und ihre Darsteller Die Tabelle nennt die Rollennamen und die sie verkörpernden Schauspieler sowie ihre Zugehörigkeit. This is a list of characters from the science fiction television series Star Trek: The Next Generation. Characters are ordered alphabetically by family name, and only. Worf's son Alexander comes to live on the Enterprise; the crew helps guide a test vehicle for a revolutionary new form of interstellar travel. Lieutenant Commander.

Worf's loyalties to Starfleet are tested when three fugitive Klingons come on board the Enterprise-D. Starfleet Command sends a communication to the USS Enterprise-D. Uniform & Rank Inconsistencies. Uniforms Symbols Ranks . Uniforms Frequency of uniform changes. Starfleet's uniform styles were switched in very irregular intervals. The Interspecies Adoption trope as used in popular culture. Even in settings where talking, civilized, or funny animals exist, adoptions will still happen

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